Notes left on Facebook

A sampling from the outpouring of feeling and memory online...

Miss you! Will throw some color for you every holi fest.
- Jonica Tramposch

You taught me what it meant to have a brother, always gave depth & perspective to our talks, & exhibited bravery & grace to the end. I will miss you, Matt, but please know that I am so much of a better human for knowing you, living with you, & having the privilege to call you friend & family. Burn brightly & be at peace. I love you. 
- Scott Schabilon

My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle and the rest of Matt Hilburn's family. I am so sorry for your loss. Matt, I will miss you; you were a great friend.
- Sharon Kaps

Matt, my whole family will miss you. In particular, you were a wonderful friend and teacher to The Girl, who was so thrilled that you could share her bat mitzvah with her. She knew it wasn't an easy thing for you to do. Once she stopped crying, she mentioned how you had to give a nickel every time you called her 'Carly' and every time you called 'Carly' K in class. She said that that was the year their class had the most tzedakah ever, and all because of you. And she wondered whether you did that on purpose. And like me and the rest of us, she misses you. It's not easy to make a huge impression on a teen, and you did. My thoughts and prayers to Michelle's and your family.
- Sheryl Stein

Matt - I'm going to miss your sense of humor, our morning Dominion session, cupcake afternoons, talking our way through your book collection, and your patience as I ruined an otherwise lovely wedding photo.
- Liz Bragg

My heart and deepest sorrows go out to Michelle Hilburn for the loss of her husband and my friend Matt Hilburn. Thank you Matt for your surly, sincere friendship--you will be missed.
- Joshua Edelstein

Such sad news. It was a genuine pleasure getting to know Matt through Andrew Hazlett over the last 20 years. Matt, I enjoyed your company and I admire your character. Condolences to all who knew and loved you, Matt, and it's clear that number is deservedly large.
- Lee Alan Lerner

I can't possibly express the sadness of the passing of my dear friend Matt Hilburn. I will miss him everyday. Rest in peace. And prayers to Michelle Hilburn and family.
- Jennifer Castillo

It's hard to come to the right words, Matt Hilburn, but everything, from our first meeting to throwing you in a car with a load of strangers for a four day road trip to just hanging out was an adventure. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.
- Mike Daniels

Lost a good friend, minigolf trip champ and wonderful person today. We miss you Matt Hilburn, our time with you was far too short.
- Olivia Kwong

Matt Hilburn, I keep thinking I can just call you, and I'll see you in a few days. It's just not right. Whether you knew him or not, please say a prayer, reserve a thought, send a kind word into the universe for a dear, tenacious, loving, edgy, quirky soul and my dear friend, his wife Michelle Hilburn. My heart is breaking for her, his kissymonster. He loved her for 10 years, they were married for four as of June 1. His memory will be eternal and his name will be written in the Book of Life.
- Jehan Abdel-Gawad

Facebook is asking me what's on my mind. It's Matt Hilburn and Michelle Hilburn. I share in the grief of a HUGE community, in awe of your strength, courage, and humor, and envious of your love for one another. Rebecca Smolar and I mourn your loss, with warm thoughts to the whole extended family.
- David J. Smolar

Matt, I have many fond memories of moments with you, interesting conversations, laughter, and an aggressive game of Pounce. R.I.P.
- Dorothea Brennan

Am so so sorry to hear the news. Ben and I have been reminiscing about our time with you and Matt - wedding planning, talking Judaism, making fun of trees in the middle of restaurants (Remember Firefly?) We will sorely miss his quirky, snarky sense of humor, our hearts are with you (even if we can't be with you in person during this time.)
- Evelyn Khoo Schwartz with Ben Schwartz